How it started

Stow Projects emerged out of a lifelong involvement in urban regeneration for Charlie Fulford. His father, Bill, founded Camden Lock Market in the 1970s retaining ownership until 2014. Bill and Charlie’s work has always been underpinned by mixed use regeneration and sustainable place-making. These principles have been the driving force behind their more recent initiatives including the Urban Market Company, Addition Land, Artworks and Stow-Away.

Henry Pescod has over 10 years of experience in London’s property industry previously working at Allsop, Brockton Capital and Milligan Retail. Finding he and the Fulfords shared a mindset about sustainability in property development, Henry joined the Urban Market Company in 2012 and then Stow Projects in August 2016.

What we do

We form partnerships with landowners to fund, develop and operate workplaces, apart-hotels and residential accommodation. Regeneration and sustainability are the key drivers behind our projects. We unlock difficult sites through innovation, for example with the use of modular units. We aim for all our projects to mature into new places that will become socially and economically integrated.

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